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A Dog For All Seasons Offers:

-- Customized dog training programs.  Get the dog training results you care about, not what’s in a book or class curriculum.

-- Expert dog trainers.  I’m a professional, highly educated dog trainer and behaviorist in Santa Rosa, CA with 15+ years experience.  That means faster, more reliable results.

  • For dogs of all breeds, ages, and temperaments.
  • Science-based, positive reinforcement dog training only.

    Get Help With:

    Rude manners. Jumping, barking, chewing, pulling on leash, digging, scratching at doors, stealing food, chasing bikes, kids, or skateboards, etc.

    Obedience commands.  Sit, down, stay, pay attention, leave it, settle, wait, come, etc.

    Behavior problems.  Aggression towards dogs or people, overprotectiveness, possessiveness, (resource guarding), dominance, shyness, fears and phobias, separation anxiety, nuisance barking, etc.

    Puppy training.  House-training (potty training), basic puppy manners, critical socialization, prevention of behavior problems.



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